Sone Aluko Officially Join Reading

Sone Aluko Officially Join Reading

Attacker Sone Aluko, has now officially joined the Championship Division club, Reading FC.

The 28-year-old bomber has signed a £ 7.5m contract over the next four seasons at the Madejski Stadium.

Reading manager, Jaap Stam, has hope Aluko is able to make a major contribution during his career at The Royals.

In an interview, Stam said “I am as a coach feeling happy to be coming a quality player like Aluko.”

“While still at Fulham, Aluko played very well. I also believe in the quality. ”

“But in addition I have hope Aluko can score many goals for Reading.”

Zidane: Bale Still Key Player of Madrid

Zidane: Bale Still Key Player of Madrid

Despite gaining a lot of scorn in the game against Valencia, Zinedine Zidane still regard Gareth Bale as an important player for his squad.

In the game, the Wales winger was pulled out by Madrid, and gained a lot of scorn from fans who attended the Santiago Bernabeu. The player himself continues to be linked with Manchester United, and Zidane denies the news that says he no longer wants Bale.

“He is an important player for the squad. Gareth is Gareth, “the Frenchman told reporters. “We continue to work hard, and we are ready to rely on Gareth. The same is true for other players. ”

“Gareth’s situation is fine. He had several chances to score, but failed to take advantage of it. We’ll keep trying to fix this. ”

“I do not criticize my players, just the opposite, I am happy with their work.”

U-19 national team can not wait to kick-off AFF Cup

U-19 national team can not wait to kick-off AFF Cup

Indonesian national team coach Indra Sjafri admitted that his troops experienced a lot of progress in various things during the training camp (TC) in Yogyakarta Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. They also can not wait to face the AFF Cup kick-off in Myanmar September 5, 2017 later.

U-19 national team started TC in Yogyakarta on July 31 last. For about four weeks under TC, U-19 national team melakoni one trial against PSS Sleman.

“A lot of progress during TC in Yogyakarta,” said Indra after leading the team training at the UNY Stadium on Wednesday (23/08/2017).

Indra explained that the progress was in game and teamwork. Mentally the players are also getting ready.

According to him the preparation of U-19 national team is almost 90 percent. Even the players can not wait to compete against Myanmar in the first game.

After holding the last TC stage in Yogyakarta, U-19 national team left for Bogor on Thursday (8/24/2017) to conduct one more test. The last opponent of the U-19 national team trials is Porda Bogor.

Requirement for Indonesian national team to qualify for SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Requirement for Indonesian national team to qualify for SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Indonesia U-22 national team played a goalless draw against Vietnam in Group B fourth match at Municipal Council Selayang Stadium on Tuesday (22/08/2017).

This draw makes Luis Milla’s troops stuck in third place in Group B with a collection of 8 points.

Top spot is filled by Vietman with 10 points with goal difference advantage (12-1) over Thailand (7-1).

Thailand will meet Vietnam in the final match.

Assuming Thailand and Vietnam draw, Indonesia need to win by a margin of three goals over Cambodia in the final game in order to qualify for the semi-finals.

Another case if one team lost, Indonesia enough to win with a score of 1-0 to be able to move.

Indonesia vs Cambodia and Thailand vs Vietnam match will be held simultaneously on Thursday (8/24/2017) at 15.00 pm.

Here Bali United and Persipura memaknai HUT RI 72nd

Here Bali United and Persipura memaknai HUT RI 72nd

Club Liga 1, Bali United and Persipura Jayapura, interpret the independence of the Republic of Indonesia from a different point of view. In the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Thursday (17/08/2017), both presented a show that shows the identity of the team as the pride of their respective regions.

Bali United is inhabited by players from Aceh to Papua. Call it Syakir Sulaiman, Miftahul Hamdi, to Steven Imbiri. In the club Instagram account, they quoted the contents of President Joko Widodo’s speech in the commemoration of Pancasila’s Birthday on June 1 about diversity.

“It must be remembered that the nature of the Indonesian nation is the nature of diversity, the destiny of God for us is diversity, from Sabang to Merauke is diversity.” From Miangas to Rote is diversity, “the contents of the speech quoted in the video on Instagram @ baliunitedfc.

Shifted to the easternmost province of Indonesia, Persipura Jayapura wearing slogans that spread the government on the 72nd anniversary of this RI, namely ‘Work Together’. Given the socialization of the Ministry of State Secretariat, this slogan represents the spirit of gotong royong to build Indonesia towards a better future.

In the pressed video uploaded account @ persipurapapua1963, written, “all management, management, official, coach, player and also the whole family of Persipura Jayapura pronounced Dirgahayu of the Republic of Indonesia to 72th Working Together, Working Together.”

Chelsea Fans Tuding English Media Lying

Chelsea Fans Tuding English Media Lying

Chelsea’s defeat in the opening game of the English Premier League this season is very surprising. Antonio Conte’s men humiliated Burnley by 2-3 in front of Stamford Bridge public Agen Judi.

In the game, Chelsea had missed 0-3. Not only that, their two players, namely Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas also had to be expelled from the field.

Fans are certainly disappointed with the negative results at the start of the season. Three British media, The Sun, Daily Mail, and Express wrote so upset, supporters of the host to cheer the players as the game disbanded.

However, as reported 101 Great Goals, Monday (14/08/2017), it is denied by Chelsea supporters. Instead they accused the famous tabloid of lying a story.

Existing, according to the man with twitter account, @ dananevevene, Chelsea fans are not blasphemy players, but the official matches are considered incompetent in the duty.

“The Sun, Mail, and Express lie in the headline, it never happens, whether you believe it or not,” he wrote.

Interestingly, among the Chelsea fans themselves there is a justify the news. Even some of them got into a long debate on twitter.

Wenger: Lacazette must imitate Ibrahimovic


Wenger: Lacazette must imitate Ibrahimovic

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger hopes Alexandre Lacazette can imitate the steps taken by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The French striker was brought in by Arsenal from Olympique Lyon, with a transfer benderol of 60 million euros. Many people are pessimistic with the chance of the player to be successful in the Premier League, but Wenger is optimistic, and hope Lacazette can follow Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s lead.

“For the case of Lacazette, I think the solution is simple,” the coach told reporters.

“He is an intelligent player, who can integrate into our game, and is supported with great mobility and technique.”

“After that, we managed to get efficiency. His record of goals in France is, one goal every 80 minutes. If he can keep that record, then it will certainly be the ideal thing for us. Every game lasts 90 minutes, and that means he will provide a goal guarantee. ”

“The record of goals in the French League, certainly can not be transferred to the Premier League. But you can refer to Ibrahimovic, he scored the same goalscoring record in France and in England, that’s what Lacazette should target. “

Atalanta Join Juventus Trail to Own Stadium

Atalanta Join Juventus Trail to Own Stadium

Serie A midfielder Atalanta followed Juventus’ lead. They became the second club in Italy to have their own stadium, as did Juventus Agen Maxbet.

Nevertheless, there are differences in how to have a stadium. Juventus must first build the J-Stadium starting in March 2009 before it opens in September 2011. Meanwhile, Atalanta officially has the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia stadium after buying it from the Bergamo City government.

Atalanta must compete with several parties before becoming owner. Apparently their offerings are considered much better than others so that the City of Bergamo willing to remove the stadium in May 2017.

The city government of Bergamo agreed to sell the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia which is their asset, after Atalanta agreed to pay 10 percent higher than the asking price.

As reported by the Italian Football, Atalanta agreed to pay an amount of 8,608,600 euros (about Rp 138 billion) to have the stadium and its surrounding area. In addition, Atalanta also agreed to spend 2.6 million euros (around Rp 41 billion) to renovate the stadium and its supporting facilities after the last time in 2015.

Atalanta now has two months to present their plans for rebuilding the stadium, which will also include improvements to two curves or the north and south tribune. Atalanta will also fix up to 2,000 square meters of land that will be set aside for commercial and other functions, such as visitor parking.

Aremania Launches “Let’s Singo” Coming Duel Against Persib

Aremania Launches “Let’s Singo” Coming Duel Against Persib

Bigmatch will be presented this weekend in advanced Liga 1. Arema FC will host Persib Bandung in the 19th week at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday (08/12/2017).

Ahead of the hot game, appears a new chant or song from Aremania, Arema loyal supporters. The new Chant is a Spanish viral song titled Despacito which was changed to “Ayo Singo!”

The song titled “Ayo Singo” was dicover by Dimas Ramadan and uploaded Youtube Zeta Albajhero account on Tuesday (1/8/2017). Interestingly, the song’s lyrics contain several words that are attached to the world of Aremania.

“Initially the song I created only as a 30th anniversary gift of Arema’s year and also the encouragement for players to play fierce,” said Dimas was launched from the official website of Aremania.

Dimas says that he does not seek sensation, nor to seek popularity, but purely from the call of his soul to provide support to Arema. He also hopes that Arema’s dualism will come to an end.

“It’s been the last year of dualism, for the harmony and unity of Arek Malang and Aremania all over the world, I hope that this video can inspire everything,” added Dimas.

Until this news has been made, the dance-hip hop music video has already seen over 7,500 netizens. The song is at once a testament to the endless creativity of Aremania.

As is known Arema will be the 30th anniversary of this Agsutus month. Will the song “Ayo Singo” sung in the match entertain Persib Bandung? Let’s wait.

Monchi: Pellegrini Is My Main Target

Monchi: Pellegrini Is My Main Target

Sports director AS Roma Monchi admitted that Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the main target of him Agen Judi.

The Italian midfielder brought in AS Roma from Sassuolo, with a transfer banner of 10 million euros. He was released by the club two seasons ago, and Monchi believes that the period he was at Sassuolo has matured himself.

“When I joined Rome, one of my objectives was that I wanted to take Lorenzo Pellegrini home,” Monchi told reporters. “I am very happy to be here with him. We have brought one of the best prospects in the world of Italian football, whether for the present or for the future. ”

“At Sassuolo, he is getting older in terms of technique, tactics, and also self-fitness. I am sure he will be able to make a great contribution with his midfield partner, as he is superior in those areas. “