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Word Utina Can Double Role In Bhayangkara In League 1 2018

Word Utina Can Double Role In Bhayangkara In League 1 2018

Word player Utina Firman confirmed has not decided to retire from the world of the round skin. And affirming his commitment will continue with Bhayangkara FC next season.

But the portion of the Word in Bhayangkara FC is likely to increase. Aside from being a player, Firman’s plan will also help Simon McMenemy as an assistant coach.

“I would love to clarify that yesterday, it has not retired (from professional players). I just intend, if retired will pioneer become coach by wrestling from early age first. If to the professional club coach gradually, because it must meet the license as well, “said Firman.

“Next season will remain here (Bhayangkara) while learning to train. Do not know how, if still playing do not want to far away want here (Bhayangkara), “he added.

Word itself claims will learn a lot from Simon McMenemy. Moreover, according to Word Simon figure is the right figure to be a mentor.

“I’m still playing to fulfill my license as a coach. I am happy with Simon even though I do not play much. But I got a lot of knowledge. I learned a lot from him. The way he trains the way he encourages players. So the picture that the train does not have to tense bener, “he added.

Not only that, Firman also hope after absorbing knowledge from Simon. He can apply his knowledge, especially to young age where it is that his attention at this time.

“Still not, many are still ready. I want it from under the age of early. If there’s a problem at senior I know that’s the goal. I do not want to rush. Let me first experience new I am ready, “he concluded.

Surely this is interesting, given the Word will certainly follow in the footsteps of Ryan Giggs as an assistant to David Moyes in 2013-2014 ago. At that time other than a player, Giggs also be part of the Red Devils coaching staff.

Bhayangkara FC Serving Mitra Kukar Without 3 Pillar Players

Bhayangkara FC Serving Mitra Kukar Without 3 Pillar Players

Bhayangkara FC will undergo two away games at once, which is to face Mitra Kukar at Aji Imbut Stadium, Tenggarong, Friday (3/11/2017), and against Madura United at Gelora Bangkalan Stadium, Bangkalan, Wednesday (8/11/2017)

Bhayangkara FC initially intended to bring 20 players, but ended up with only 18 players without Evan Dimas Darmono, Ilham Udin Armaiyn and captain Indra Kahfi.

The last three games that Bhayangkara FC is quite mepet. These conditions make the coach, Simon McMenemy, should think effectively and efficiently for the team care.

“After our match against Mitra Kukar, one day after that we will fly to Surabaya, the match will be our betting step in the future,” said Simon McMenemy.

Initially Bhayangkara FC intend to bring 20 players for two games. However, media officer Bhayangkara FC, Eko Yudiono, revealed Evan Dimas is still in the process of recovery, while Ilham Udin Armaiyn suffers from a pain so left behind.

While captain of the team, Indra Kahfi, who originally was in the list of players who departed to Tenggarong, also must be left. Indra Kahfi must undergo additional punishment from Komdis PSSI and his position will be replaced by Sahrul Kurniawan.

In addition to travel to the cage Mitra Kukar and Madura United, Bhayangkara FC still leaves one last game counter Persija Jakarta. Patriot derby match will also be a decisive game at the end of the season whether Bhayangkara FC managed to become League champions 1 or not.

Here are 18 players Bhayangkara FC who will undergo two away games from the last three games League 1 2017.

Goalkeeper: Cloud setho Raharjo, Fauzal Mubaraq

Defender: Otavio Dutra, Jajang Mulyana, Dany Saputra, Putu Gede Juni Between, Alsan Putra Sanda, Sahrul Kurniawan, Firly Apriansyah

Middle: Paulo Sergio, Wahyu Subo Seto, Zulfiandi, Lee Yoo Joon, TM Ichsan

Home: Antoni Putro Nugroho, Ilija Spasojevic, Guy Junior, Dendy Sulistyawan

Barito Putera vs Bali United Prediction: Between Revenge and Champion

Barito Putera vs Bali United Prediction: Between Revenge and Champion

Barito Putera host Bali United at the 17 May Stadium, Banjarmasin, Wednesday (25/10/2017). Barito Putera, who is currently seventh by four points adrift of Persija Jakarta, is determined to win.

At least, in front of supporters, Barito Putera eyeing the opportunity to avenge the painful defeat experienced when meeting Bali United in the first round.

At the first meeting between the two teams, Barito Putera was shaved Bali United 0-5 at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar. The defeat of Bali United was the only major defeat experienced by Barito Putera throughout the League 1 2017.

Now the opportunity to avenge the defeat is in sight. Capitalized two victories over Bhayangkara FC and Persiba Balikpapan, Barito Putera looked at the match counter Bali United with full preparation. However, Jacksen Tiago dismissed the notion of revenge.

The Brazilian coach confirmed Barito Putera was more interested in meeting the initial target of management, which wants Laskar Antasari finished in the top five. According to him, won the victory over Bali United, which means Barito Putera is committed to the competition for the champions of League 1 more interesting.

“Our main goal now is to achieve the target of management to put Barito Putera in the top five, and we are committed to making the competition to the champions more exciting,” said Jacksen Tiago.

In order to realize the commitment of Barito Putera, Jacksen maximizes the time for three days after the game counter Persiba Balikpapan (20/10/2017) to prepare his team to achieve victory over Seridian Tridatu.

Bali United Without 2 Pillars

The players Barito Putera ready to face Bali United, except Dandi Maulana Abdulhak who was hit by a red card in the game counter Persiba Balikpapan.

While Bali United came to Banjarmasin with 20 players. Marcos Flores and I Made Andhika Wijaya should be left behind for this match.

Both players are left in Bali because of injury. Marcos Flores, who suffered an injury while facing PS TNI (20/10/2017), admitted not able to play in mepet time.

“I can not play, my left thigh still hurts,” Marcos Flores said.

However, the absence of two players in defense and center position did not dampen the determination of Bali United to win at home to Barito Putera.

Relying on Sylvano Comvalius, Irfan Bachdim, Stefano Lilipaly, and other important players, Serdadu Tridatu is required to win in order to maintain the desire to become champions League 1.

If Bali United are able to win at Barito Putera, Widodo Cahyono Putro’s team can move to the top of the league 1st league 2017, shifting the PSM Makassar who lost head to head.

However, if Bali United lose, Fadil Sausu et al. will be one step behind the PSM that opened a bigger chance champion after defeating Persiba Balikpapan (24/10/2017).

Players Forecast

Players Forecast

Barito Putera (4-2-3-1): Aditya Harlan (goalkeeper); Muhammad Rifqi, Hansamu Yama, Aaron Michael Evnas, Nazar Nurzaidin (back); Paulo Sitanggang, Douglas Ricardo Packer, Gavin Kwan Adsit, Rizky Pora, Matias Cordoba (center); Willian Lira Sousa (front)

Coach: Jacksen F. Tiago

Bali United (4-2-3-1): I Made Wardhana (goalkeeper); Ricky Fajrin, Ahn Byung Keon, Agus Nova, Hasim Kipuw (back); Fadil Sausu, Taufiq, I Gede Sukadana, Stefano Lilipaly, Irfan Bachdim (center); Sylvano Comvalius (front)

Coach: Widodo C. Putro

Perseru Hopes to Died Choirul Huda So Joint Lesson

Perseru Hopes to Died Choirul Huda So Joint Lesson

The death of Choirul Huda at the time of strengthening Persela Lamongan facing Semen Padang, Sunday (15/10/2017) then, continue to invite attention and sympathy from the footballers.

One of them is from Perseru Serui coach Agus Yuwono, who hopes the incident will be the last in the national football record.

He also hopes the incident can be a lesson for all parties, especially for footballers and match-fixing devices.

“Those parts (game support devices) should be given some kind of upgrading to be organized too, because, as far as I know, it is only done before the competition, it should be at break competition, it is also given to keep an evaluation, what to do if faced such incidents, “said Agus, Tuesday (17/10/2017).

“But yesterday it was just a four-day break, so it’s possible to hold such events.This is learning for all of us, including how to set up a good competition schedule.It should be in the beginning and before the second round, a kind of seminar for everyone involved in the match , “he said.

In particular, Agus also highlighted the match schedule that players must pass along with teams that are considered quite heavy and solid. Dense schedule that dilakoni can be dangerous for the health of players.

“The schedule also has to be re-thought, because the current schedule, in my opinion, is also quite dangerous to health, for example we just (Perseru), the 14th of main, keep on 18 play here and 22 main house again, the trip from Serui to Gresik was about 12 hours, tomorrow we finished the game straight home, “said Agus.

“It’s dangerous for the players – ideally there’s a game on Sunday, then Sunday again (weekends only), that’s just ideal, or it could be Wednesday (midweek), but that’s not every week, “he said.

Due to the tight schedule of matches that must be undertaken, said Agus, making the players disturbed that the results harm the health.

“Do not let them (players) play in tired conditions, because this is very dangerous. Fatigue with tired it’s different, if tired of his physical, but if tired maybe his mind, brain, all psychic. We hope the schedule is adjusted, not criticize, it’s just input. Because in that field who knows better is the coach. Because globally, that will determine the quality of competition, when we want to increase if like this continues, “said Agus.

Persib Imbang Opponent Bali United, Emral: We Please Sorry

Persib Imbang Opponent Bali United, Emral: We Please Sorry

For the second time in a row, Persib Bandung achieve a draw at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency. Persib detained 0-0 Bali United, on Thursday (21/09/2017).

In previous matches, Persib also failed to win over Semen Padang after a 2-2 draw at Si Starling Harupat. Bobotoh (term supporters Persib) disappointed with the results received Maung Bandung.

Coach Persib Bandung, Emral Abus, apologize to bobotoh due to less than this maximum. Emral felt Persib many opportunities but no one became a goal.

“We are sorry that our targets are all unfulfilled, the game ends in a series, there are very many chances,” Emral said after the game.

“Actually, the kids play well as expected, but the results are not satisfactory, we have a lot of chances, but the result is different,” he said.

According Emral, Bali United successfully anticipate the game Persib. However, Maung Bandung is also able to ward off the Tridat Serdadu tactics to steal a goal.

He claimed to have tried to change the game by replacing the players. Persib’s mastery of the ball is also superior, but Emral must be satisfied only the draw obtained.

“We’ve read (Irfan) Bachdim and (Sylvano) Comvalius to be turned off and the children can run the instructions we charge them,” he explained.

“They made the transition from attacking to defending so well that we anticipated our game, but we were compact,” Emral said.

U-19 national team can not wait to kick-off AFF Cup

U-19 national team can not wait to kick-off AFF Cup

Indonesian national team coach Indra Sjafri admitted that his troops experienced a lot of progress in various things during the training camp (TC) in Yogyakarta Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. They also can not wait to face the AFF Cup kick-off in Myanmar September 5, 2017 later.

U-19 national team started TC in Yogyakarta on July 31 last. For about four weeks under TC, U-19 national team melakoni one trial against PSS Sleman.

“A lot of progress during TC in Yogyakarta,” said Indra after leading the team training at the UNY Stadium on Wednesday (23/08/2017).

Indra explained that the progress was in game and teamwork. Mentally the players are also getting ready.

According to him the preparation of U-19 national team is almost 90 percent. Even the players can not wait to compete against Myanmar in the first game.

After holding the last TC stage in Yogyakarta, U-19 national team left for Bogor on Thursday (8/24/2017) to conduct one more test. The last opponent of the U-19 national team trials is Porda Bogor.

Requirement for Indonesian national team to qualify for SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Requirement for Indonesian national team to qualify for SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Indonesia U-22 national team played a goalless draw against Vietnam in Group B fourth match at Municipal Council Selayang Stadium on Tuesday (22/08/2017).

This draw makes Luis Milla’s troops stuck in third place in Group B with a collection of 8 points.

Top spot is filled by Vietman with 10 points with goal difference advantage (12-1) over Thailand (7-1).

Thailand will meet Vietnam in the final match.

Assuming Thailand and Vietnam draw, Indonesia need to win by a margin of three goals over Cambodia in the final game in order to qualify for the semi-finals.

Another case if one team lost, Indonesia enough to win with a score of 1-0 to be able to move.

Indonesia vs Cambodia and Thailand vs Vietnam match will be held simultaneously on Thursday (8/24/2017) at 15.00 pm.

Here Bali United and Persipura memaknai HUT RI 72nd

Here Bali United and Persipura memaknai HUT RI 72nd

Club Liga 1, Bali United and Persipura Jayapura, interpret the independence of the Republic of Indonesia from a different point of view. In the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Thursday (17/08/2017), both presented a show that shows the identity of the team as the pride of their respective regions.

Bali United is inhabited by players from Aceh to Papua. Call it Syakir Sulaiman, Miftahul Hamdi, to Steven Imbiri. In the club Instagram account, they quoted the contents of President Joko Widodo’s speech in the commemoration of Pancasila’s Birthday on June 1 about diversity.

“It must be remembered that the nature of the Indonesian nation is the nature of diversity, the destiny of God for us is diversity, from Sabang to Merauke is diversity.” From Miangas to Rote is diversity, “the contents of the speech quoted in the video on Instagram @ baliunitedfc.

Shifted to the easternmost province of Indonesia, Persipura Jayapura wearing slogans that spread the government on the 72nd anniversary of this RI, namely ‘Work Together’. Given the socialization of the Ministry of State Secretariat, this slogan represents the spirit of gotong royong to build Indonesia towards a better future.

In the pressed video uploaded account @ persipurapapua1963, written, “all management, management, official, coach, player and also the whole family of Persipura Jayapura pronounced Dirgahayu of the Republic of Indonesia to 72th Working Together, Working Together.”

Aremania Launches “Let’s Singo” Coming Duel Against Persib

Aremania Launches “Let’s Singo” Coming Duel Against Persib

Bigmatch will be presented this weekend in advanced Liga 1. Arema FC will host Persib Bandung in the 19th week at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday (08/12/2017).

Ahead of the hot game, appears a new chant or song from Aremania, Arema loyal supporters. The new Chant is a Spanish viral song titled Despacito which was changed to “Ayo Singo!”

The song titled “Ayo Singo” was dicover by Dimas Ramadan and uploaded Youtube Zeta Albajhero account on Tuesday (1/8/2017). Interestingly, the song’s lyrics contain several words that are attached to the world of Aremania.

“Initially the song I created only as a 30th anniversary gift of Arema’s year and also the encouragement for players to play fierce,” said Dimas was launched from the official website of Aremania.

Dimas says that he does not seek sensation, nor to seek popularity, but purely from the call of his soul to provide support to Arema. He also hopes that Arema’s dualism will come to an end.

“It’s been the last year of dualism, for the harmony and unity of Arek Malang and Aremania all over the world, I hope that this video can inspire everything,” added Dimas.

Until this news has been made, the dance-hip hop music video has already seen over 7,500 netizens. The song is at once a testament to the endless creativity of Aremania.

As is known Arema will be the 30th anniversary of this Agsutus month. Will the song “Ayo Singo” sung in the match entertain Persib Bandung? Let’s wait.