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Inter Milan coach: Derbi versus AC Milan will be a mad duel

Inter Milan coach: Derbi versus AC Milan will be a mad duel

Derby Della Madonnina between Inter Milan against AC Milan will be presented in the eighth week of Serie A, after the international break, Sunday (15/10/2017). Although the new game will be held 10 days ahead, Inter Milan coach, Luciano Spalletti, has been warned his team not to underestimate AC Milan.

According to Spalletti, AC Milan remains a strong opponent, despite having swallowed three defeats in seven Serie A games this season. In his eyes, I Rossoneri played better than his team.

“I already feel the atmosphere that burst from the derby later. It will be a crazy game, “Spalletti told

Spalletti claimed to witness how AC Milan defeated Lazio 1-4, Sampdoria (0-2), and AS Roma (0-2). He considered, the defeat was not because Vincenzo Montella foster children weak.

“History says this derby winner is a team that has risen from defeat. I really want us to win. They face Lazio, which is a difficult team. But Milan remain a very great opponent, “he explained.

Inter Milan are currently ranked third in the standings with 19 points from six wins and one draw. While city rivals, AC Milan, slumped to seventh place with 12 points.

“We still have to grow and get better in some ways. I’m always working on progress. We can not be negligent of any kind of confrontation, “Spalletti said.

Crucial for AC Milan

Meanwhile, in the stronghold of AC Milan, this game becomes very crucial, especially for Montella. If lost, most likely the management of AC Milan will kick him out. Montella is a former foster child Spalletti while still a player in Empoli and AS Roma.

“She (Montella) has heart problems. But I keep playing it in a crucial match. We won and survived. From there it can be said my coaching career started, “recalled Spalletti.

Atalanta Join Juventus Trail to Own Stadium

Atalanta Join Juventus Trail to Own Stadium

Serie A midfielder Atalanta followed Juventus’ lead. They became the second club in Italy to have their own stadium, as did Juventus Agen Maxbet.

Nevertheless, there are differences in how to have a stadium. Juventus must first build the J-Stadium starting in March 2009 before it opens in September 2011. Meanwhile, Atalanta officially has the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia stadium after buying it from the Bergamo City government.

Atalanta must compete with several parties before becoming owner. Apparently their offerings are considered much better than others so that the City of Bergamo willing to remove the stadium in May 2017.

The city government of Bergamo agreed to sell the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia which is their asset, after Atalanta agreed to pay 10 percent higher than the asking price.

As reported by the Italian Football, Atalanta agreed to pay an amount of 8,608,600 euros (about Rp 138 billion) to have the stadium and its surrounding area. In addition, Atalanta also agreed to spend 2.6 million euros (around Rp 41 billion) to renovate the stadium and its supporting facilities after the last time in 2015.

Atalanta now has two months to present their plans for rebuilding the stadium, which will also include improvements to two curves or the north and south tribune. Atalanta will also fix up to 2,000 square meters of land that will be set aside for commercial and other functions, such as visitor parking.

Monchi: Pellegrini Is My Main Target

Monchi: Pellegrini Is My Main Target

Sports director AS Roma Monchi admitted that Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the main target of him Agen Judi.

The Italian midfielder brought in AS Roma from Sassuolo, with a transfer banner of 10 million euros. He was released by the club two seasons ago, and Monchi believes that the period he was at Sassuolo has matured himself.

“When I joined Rome, one of my objectives was that I wanted to take Lorenzo Pellegrini home,” Monchi told reporters. “I am very happy to be here with him. We have brought one of the best prospects in the world of Italian football, whether for the present or for the future. ”

“At Sassuolo, he is getting older in terms of technique, tactics, and also self-fitness. I am sure he will be able to make a great contribution with his midfield partner, as he is superior in those areas. “