Here Bali United and Persipura memaknai HUT RI 72nd

Here Bali United and Persipura memaknai HUT RI 72nd

Club Liga 1, Bali United and Persipura Jayapura, interpret the independence of the Republic of Indonesia from a different point of view. In the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Thursday (17/08/2017), both presented a show that shows the identity of the team as the pride of their respective regions.

Bali United is inhabited by players from Aceh to Papua. Call it Syakir Sulaiman, Miftahul Hamdi, to Steven Imbiri. In the club Instagram account, they quoted the contents of President Joko Widodo’s speech in the commemoration of Pancasila’s Birthday on June 1 about diversity.

“It must be remembered that the nature of the Indonesian nation is the nature of diversity, the destiny of God for us is diversity, from Sabang to Merauke is diversity.” From Miangas to Rote is diversity, “the contents of the speech quoted in the video on Instagram @ baliunitedfc.

Shifted to the easternmost province of Indonesia, Persipura Jayapura wearing slogans that spread the government on the 72nd anniversary of this RI, namely ‘Work Together’. Given the socialization of the Ministry of State Secretariat, this slogan represents the spirit of gotong royong to build Indonesia towards a better future.

In the pressed video uploaded account @ persipurapapua1963, written, “all management, management, official, coach, player and also the whole family of Persipura Jayapura pronounced Dirgahayu of the Republic of Indonesia to 72th Working Together, Working Together.”

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