Word Utina Can Double Role In Bhayangkara In League 1 2018

Word Utina Can Double Role In Bhayangkara In League 1 2018

Word player Utina Firman confirmed has not decided to retire from the world of the round skin. And affirming his commitment will continue with Bhayangkara FC next season.

But the portion of the Word in Bhayangkara FC is likely to increase. Aside from being a player, Firman’s plan will also help Simon McMenemy as an assistant coach.

“I would love to clarify that yesterday, it has not retired (from professional players). I just intend, if retired will pioneer become coach by wrestling from early age first. If to the professional club coach gradually, because it must meet the license as well, “said Firman.

“Next season will remain here (Bhayangkara) while learning to train. Do not know how, if still playing do not want to far away want here (Bhayangkara), “he added.

Word itself claims will learn a lot from Simon McMenemy. Moreover, according to Word Simon figure is the right figure to be a mentor.

“I’m still playing to fulfill my license as a coach. I am happy with Simon even though I do not play much. But I got a lot of knowledge. I learned a lot from him. The way he trains the way he encourages players. So the picture that the train does not have to tense bener, “he added.

Not only that, Firman also hope after absorbing knowledge from Simon. He can apply his knowledge, especially to young age where it is that his attention at this time.

“Still not, many are still ready. I want it from under the age of early. If there’s a problem at senior I know that’s the goal. I do not want to rush. Let me first experience new I am ready, “he concluded.

Surely this is interesting, given the Word will certainly follow in the footsteps of Ryan Giggs as an assistant to David Moyes in 2013-2014 ago. At that time other than a player, Giggs also be part of the Red Devils coaching staff.

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